I am a relatively fit, active 71 year old man who enjoys golf, walking and doing lots of things. In September 2017 I had been struggling for 6 months with sciatic pain. This was very disturbing in the early hours of the night. I had tried to get help from my doctor, two physiotherapists and the well known several forms of pharmaceutical pain relief. Whilst some of these offered short term help, none seemed to help me understand what was happening or get to the root of the problem. Sarah Ellmore at Body Logic started treatment in September 2017 and i visited her weekly to start and gradually we agreed, as the symptoms diminished, to space the sessions out to the point I now go roughly once a month for a "service". The sciatic pain has completly gone! I can't pretend that some of her treatments have'nt been painful, although I have come to truly appreciate her ability to remain at or below 7 out of 10 on the pain continuum. I find Sarah's approach professional, friendly and very useful. Yann Kerbiriou

After taking up triathlons a couple of years ago i've had various sports massage treatments but sarah stands out as being one of the best in her field locally. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy in general and highly professional in her approach. She demonstrates a good technique and understanding of her subject and i have noticed a clear improvement in my overall muscular health since first seeing her. In addition to this Sarah is also very personable and its always a pleasant experience to see her.  AJ Cooke BSc FCCA, Chief Financial Officer

I have been a client of Sarah's for several months now and she has worked wonders with my painful swollen legs. I can now walk properly again. I can recommend her services wholeheartedly." - Kathleen Darby, Retired

I highly recommend Sarah. Since starting a gym program a few years ago, I have booked regular weekly deep tissue massages with Sarah. She has certainly made a positive difference to my overall health. Each massage really helps with my post-gym exercise, recovery and injury rehabilitation and I feel great after every appointment. Ged Bartyneck, Project Manager

I first visited Sarah after suffering with pain and limited movement in my arm following an injury. I found sarah to be very considerate to my needs and she always worked within my pain barrier. I now have full mobility in my arm and no pain. Thank you Sarah I would not of got this far without you! Debbie Bowden, Post woman